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103 Staveley Gardens
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Posted By :    Penny Speed
Posted :    4/24/2018
Comments :    When we took on our dog Sooty 9 years ago, at the age of 4, he wasn't very fond of vets, but when we found Stan and Dalya at Magnolia House our visits became a lot less stressful. Actually, after the first visit with Stan, I came out of the surgery buzzing at how well it went. They both have a genuine care for animals and this was so evident when recently at the age of 13 our beautiful boy had to go to sleep for the last time. Stan had several discussions with me up until 'the day' and it was Dalya, who on the day, guided us through a very emotional time. I highly recommend Stan and Dalya and also their team, who were always very helpful each time we visited and who Sooty loved as well (especially the treats and attention when waiting to go in!).
Posted By :    general dentist  (
Posted :    8/15/2017
Comments :    There are 700 different types of bacteria living in my mouth?! That's a fact that I don't even want to think about. It's good to know these things though. I appreciate this article. It was super informative.
Posted By :    Paula Ferreira
Posted :    10/8/2015
Comments :    I have used Stan Livy for many years and I can only praise him for his dedication and genuine care for animals. Stan is a one off vet and I can?t recommend him enough.
Posted By :    Laura Overton
Posted :    8/28/2015
Comments :    I live out in the New Forest and happily travel into Christchurch to see Stan and Dalya with my two dogs - both of whom have medical problems. Their skill and care have been amazing, they do genuinely care and go above and beyond the level of service and treatment I have experienced in other practices. They fought for the availability of what they felt was the right medication for one of my dogs, calling and emailing me with updates of the situation. Their determination paid off as the medicine they chose has made an enormous difference to the quality of life for my dog. Stan?s surgery skill on my dog?s ear was amazing, what could have been a visual catastrophe on my French Bull dog?s ear, turned out beautifully. The girls on reception also offer exceptional customer service towards myself and my dogs ? with lots of attention each time we come in, and are on the ball with their administration and communication. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them
Posted By :    Peter Chopin
Posted :    3/19/2015
Comments :    LUCKY ESCAPE I have been a client of Magnolia House vets for many years and have always enjoyed excellent treatment for all my sundry cats. Since the tragic passing of Mr. Lafferty, the practice has been in the hands of Stan & Dalya Livy. Last August I rescued a small kitten left abandoned on the busy dual carriageway opposite Bournemouth Hospital The tiny creature was minutes away from certain death. The following day I took him to Magnolia House vets for a complete check-up. I also decided to call him Lucky. Stan thoroughly examined Lucky who was about 5 - 6 weeks old and he was inoculated. Stan's manner was such that Lucky immediately took to him. Stan agreed to contact me when it was the right time to have Lucky's little (castration) operation and to be chipped. Some weeks later, I was told by Magnolia House vet. it was time for Lucky's operation, so I took him in. Examination revealed he had only had 1 testicle! The other had not, as yet, 'dropped down'. It was now a question of cutting Lucky open on his stomach, after which Stan found the 2nd testicle lodged in the lower abdomen. If it hadn't been for his quick eye and expertise, it would have, in time, become cancerous. After the operation, everything went well and Lucky is fine. I carried out his post operation treatment at home and some four weeks later took him back for his final inspection and he was declared fully recovered. Following the flea epidemic we had last summer, I was prescribed some ointment for Lucky and my other cat Jemima. It did the trick and to date they are both free of fleas. Dalya also gave me some spray to clean the house as the carpets were infested. I am pleased to report all is fine now. I cannot recommend Stan and Dalya highly enough. Peter / Christchurch
Posted By :    Gwen French
Posted :    3/15/2015
Comments :    Very good and kind with birds
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